Heroes of Daggerdale

Demon Escape!

Failure to demonize the demonic demon

As told by Ploon Kloovs:

My compatriots deciced they were sure enough about our return to Smokey Joe at Zhentil Keep that they agreed to turn over all items guarded by the angel and demon to the care of some false Human god, in exchange for being allowed to use these items in the immediate battle. This turned out to be a poor plan, as I’d predicted all along, as taking the artifacts to Smokey Joe just allowed him to absorb the one that freed him. So we ran.

Back in Shadowdale, I tried to discuss what our next steps would be, but the tall ones, evidently enraged at their recent impotence, vented their frustration at me by turning me into a bird! Layo was kind enough to reverse this, but I will have to take precautions in future. They are clearly not very stable, and I have serious reason to fear for my safety with them.

Then Skip Johnson asked us to take a look at the dead Illithid in his castle, and when someone pushed a button on it, we were teleported… elsewhere.


damon_patrick_white Spatula

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