Heroes of Daggerdale

Everybody Limbo!

Except for certain absent player characters

As told by Ploon Kloovs:

We found ourselves at our next location, not in the Abyss as planned, but on Limbo. I found it a simple matter to resolve the chaos of that plane into something coherent, but my more naturally chaotic followers struggled more. Then a Vostok capsule (whatever that is) hit us and we were forced to compel its Efreet slaver pilot to drive us around in it, attracting some terrible wossnames that Gnome was not meant to know in the process. Eventually, it proved more efficient for all for us to simply drop him off and pilot the vessel ourselves.

This all lead to a Slaad sex pit, where they were all lethargic and not sexing at all. At a nearby Githzerai temple, we found a cleric who gave us bottles of pure chaos, as a possible treatment for this lethargy. So far, it seems to work. There was also an altar of chaos there, and the others got quite silly with it, touching it repeatedly to change themselves in mad combinations. I was protected by the Gnome gods when I touched this, and now bear the colours of Garl Glittergold as a sign of my devotion.


damon_patrick_white Spatula

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