Heroes of Daggerdale

The King is Dead!

No, wait, he's ok

As told by Ploon Kloovs:

As thanks for clearing his Drow problem, Russel Crowe invited us to join him at the birthday feast of the king of Cormyr at Castle Daggerdale. This was grand, and my companions quickly fell into mindless revelry. However, I became concerned by Russel Crowe’s apparently odd behaviour and kept a close eye on him all night. Even so, we were woken the next morning with news that he’d been killed!

I investigated thoroughly and discovered that he was not in fact dead, but replaced by a doppleganger and hidden away in the crypts under the castle, a cunning plot by the Zhentarim. Grateful (yet again), he tasked the Gnome Liberation Army with sacking Zhentil Keep in revenge. This is awfully poor timing, as I was just about to begin work on the new Garl Glittergold’s Gnomish Orphanage for Orphaned Gnomish Orphans.


damon_patrick_white Spatula

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