Heroes of Daggerdale

The Lost Thistle Library Intervention

And Goblin slaughter

As told by Zook Kloovs:

Accepting the challenge of a new quest in Featherdale, I left my previous companions behind and joined with two new fellows, including another Gnome. We were officially asked by Baron Wurstburger to see if we could stop some Goblins from bullying the village of Thistle. In private, afterwards, he asked if I’d see about investigating some nearby ruins too, where he’d had an important encounter in his youth, in association with an organisation called the something Circlet.

After clearing out the Goblins, we found a large library, much of which we couldn’t read, for it was written in Yuan-Ti. It took a day to carry the bulk of this to Thistle, and when we returned, a gang of lizard folk had moved into the ruins. I tried convincing them to simply let us pass, but things descended into violence. Finally, we found an especially important looking Yuan-Ti book. Wurstburger seemed satisfied with this find, and translation has begun.


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