Heroes of Daggerdale

Hub of Evil Trade destroyed
Objections of cleric noted

As told by Ploon Kloovs:

The deeper we went into the mountain, the more clear it became that it was all evil as Baator down there, to the point when we found their supply depot. There, myriad evil creatures plotted and schemed in the dark, trading weapons and other tools of doom. It took little to convince my followers that we needed to wipe this place out, and cleansing fire soon rained down upon it. I made sure not to let any of the foul beasts there escape.

There remains more ahead.

Vampire menace thwarted
Also, something about elves or spiders?

As told by Ploon Kloovs:
Continuing the investigation into the disappearance of spiders from Spiderhaunt Wood, we came into conflict with several Drow and their allies, which would have been easy for us to overcome, were it not for the curse of carrying that Vampire around with us. And so, ultimately, this Vampire was responsible for my death again. We fell back to Dagger Falls, and the next day I determined that the sole sane course of action was to heroically seize the Vampire from my misguided tall-folk companions and destroy it. The attempt alone was enough to persuade them that I was completely correct all along, and so they banded together to kill it for me.

After this, our mission began to run much more smoothly, with little standing in our way, not even 100 foot rifts in the ground.

More Gnomes aided!
Also, some other stuff

As told by Ploon Kloovs:
The Gnome Liberation Army successfully completed an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of spiders from Spiderhaunt Wood, surrounding Stormpemhouder. It was established that there definitely weren’t any spiders immediately available, so they probably couldn’t threaten the town for now, which is good, in spite of the prophecy. A distinct absence of the ruins of Sword Lady’s tower was also noted.

Then there was another bit of looking for Drow in Daggerdale, which was fine except for the Vampires, which have not killed me yet.

The story so far...
One gnome's Dalelands memoirs

As told by Ploon Kloovs:
‘Twas well over 3 months ago (perhaps 10 tendays) that I first arrived from Proskur at Shadowdale, where I fell in with other work-seekers at the local inn. Not all of them were as legitimate and honest as I, which I’ve come to learn is common among tall folk. But my Genuine (Guaranteed!) All-Purpose Miracle Cures weren’t selling well, and the first big job to reach us seemed interesting enough. The short of it is that we single-handedly saved the village of Stormpemhauder. Little else of consequence was achieved, though some related work for tall folk saw them providing us with land in the area. I plan to use this as the site for a new Gnomish orphanage, for orphaned Gnomes.

Shortly after, a chance encounter with a vampire killed me.

We followed this with some wandering out through the woods to the East. The tall ones made an awful fuss about it being dangerous, but we were fine! We slew a few dragons and saved a few more Gnomes in need, so I decided we’d achieved enough to warrant going home again. Annoyingly, one of my Human underlings had got its grubby paws on a cursed sword, and we had a damn fuss getting him rid of it.

In doing so, a chance encounter with a vampire killed me.

We now stand ready to return to Stormpemhauder, to rescue it from a far greater evil (I’m told) than ever before.

New Employers
Clearance sale on all Gnomish Magic Potions! Everything must go!

As told by Ploon Kloovs:
I and several tall folk were hired by a wizard in Shadowdale to get a thing for a guy in Daggerdale. Along the way, we found some fascinating creatures hovering around the serpenty bridge, and I spent a long time studying them while we camped there.


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