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  • Ploon the Fantastic

    (Slayer of Vampires, Brewer of Fire, The Everdying) Demipower of the Forgotten Realms, N Portfolio: Alchemy, Gnomish welfare, Gnomish Orphans, Explosions, Vampire-slaying, Deception Alliases: Ploon Kloovs of Proskur, of the Proskur Kloovses of …

  • Ploon Kloovs

    Ploon Kloovs of the Proskur Kloovses of "Proskur":http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Proskur was raised by a merchant clan, giving him a strong sense of Gnomish community within the big, uncaring world of Humans and other races. Trading with the big …

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