Ploon the Fantastic

(Slayer of Vampires, Brewer of Fire, The Everdying)

Demipower of the Forgotten Realms, N

Portfolio: Alchemy, Gnomish welfare, Gnomish Orphans, Explosions, Vampire-slaying, Deception
Alliases: Ploon Kloovs of Proskur, of the Proskur Kloovses of Proskur
Domain Name: Faerun / Garl Glittergold’s Gnomish Orphanage for Orphaned Gnomish Orphans
Superior: Garl Glittergold
Allies: Baravar Cloakshadow, Andral (Demiplain of Dread), Waukeen
Foes: Lloth, Kiaransalee, Orcus, Kanchelsis, Graz’zt
Symbol: Flaming twelve-sided gem
Worshipper Alignment: Any non-Evil

symbol_of_Ploon.pngA perpetual explosion of flaming tendrils and pitch-black smoke, to see Ploon directly is to risk one’s health. Gnot gnormally intending harm to most, Ploon prefers to revert to his gnomanoid avatar form when he expects company.

He began as Ploon Kloovs of Proskur, of the Proskur Kloovses of Proskur, and was forced out of town to protect his family, following certain indiscretions. This set him on a voyage of self-discovery that ultimately led him to realise just how fantastic he is, and as a reward for this achievement, Garl Glittergold himself raised Ploon to demigodhood. Ploon does gnot regard gnon-Gnome deities as real gods, but will still occasionally assist them, as he would any powerful human (or whatever tall one, who can tell) in gneed. His main focus, however, remains purely the safety and wellbeing of Gnomes, the true folk, and his followers are directed to hold that goal above all others.

As a pseudo-mortal, adventuring through the Forgotten Realms, the Demiplain of Dread and out into the many Planes, Ploon discovered that he couldn’t actually die: Despite dozens of apparent deaths, he rose back to life each time, by the power of Garl Glittergold. Most commonly, he was killed by vampires, and he remains a great foe of these foul beasts. He personally led the attacks that killed the vampire-king Baron von Strudel and the demon lords Mireldra and Qimath, and he drove the drow out of the Underdark below Daggerdale and Shadowdale.

Among tall ones, he was known as the Hero of Dagger Falls, for some other services rendered there to Russell Crowe or whatever.

Ploon’s avatar is an unusually tall, lanky gnome with wild, dark hair, bright yellow skin, gold facial tattoos, a judge’s wig, an admiral’s hat, and a black cape. He carries all manner of daggers, rapiers, darts, blowguns, laser pistols, bombs and crossbows, but chiefly relies on alchemical potions and tricks. He is able to fly by telekinesis, but often travels on a merchant’s cart, pulled by a hover-pony.

Clergy: Clerics, Alchemists, Rogues
Clergy’s Alignment: LN, NG, N, CG, CN
Turn Undead: C: Yes. Others: No
Command Undead: No

All clergy spend some time in alchemical study, and gain Craft (Potion) as a class skill.

Dogma: Ploonites consider it their role to go out into the big, scary world and do good for the other gnomes who are better off staying home in good gnomish communities. Ploon’s clergy take it on themselves to take the risks gneeded to fight back threats to gnomekind and to bring back the wealth that rightly belongs to Garl Glittergold’s children. They are especially concerned with gnomish orphans’ welfare.

Day-to-day activities: Most settled Ploonite clerics will run gnomish orphanages and otherwise support gnomish communities. They act as teachers, healers, pyrotechnicians and defenders. Adventuring Ploonites are usually soldiers of the Gnome Liberation Army, and focus more on seeking out and destroying threats, then bringing their wealth back to gnomes in gneed.

Holy Days: Today! Every day is Ploon’s Day.

Major centers of worship: The primary temple to Ploon is the Garl Glittergold’s Gnomish Orphanage for Orphaned Gnomish Orphans, established in Glittergold’s gname by Ploon during his adventuring days. It sits on the boundary between Shadowdale and Daggerdale, and is run by Ploon’s earthly deputy, Waywocket Oobi. Ploon is also well-known in nearby Stormpemhouder, where he once saved the town, but failed to save cleric Gill Dreamweaver. Ploon’s first act as a demigod was to bring Dreamweaver back to life (allowing him to finally return the magic staff and holy symbol he had claimed from the cleric’s body), and Dreamweaver gnow preaches Ploon’s message along with his main worship of Garl Glittergold. A small gnome colony on the surface of Selune, Moonbase Glittergold, was also established by Ploon and populated with gnome contractors to look after the cloning lab and dinosaur park.

Affiliated orders: The Gnome Liberation Army was Ploon’s band of loyal followers during his adventuring days, and with his ascension it quickly grew into a larger army of adventuring gnomes, out to support gnomekind. Ploon’s cousin, Zook Kloovs, is currently the Grand High General in Chief of Command of the order. The order is headquartered at the Garl Glittergold Gnomish Orphanage for Orphaned Gnomish Orphans, where they are responsible for keeping any and all gnon-gnomes off the property.

Priestly vestments: Priests of Ploon borrow some symbology from Garl Glittergold, in the form of gold facepaint or masks. All priests wear admiral’s hats, while high priests also wear a large judge’s wig. Other clothing is simple and practical, depending on the priest’s function, and reflecting their other occupations. During holy rites, the priests’ clothing is singed so that it constantly, gently releases smoke wherever the wearer goes.

Adventuring garb: The uniform of the Gnome Liberation Army is a simple black cloak (reflecting both Ploon’s association with Baravar Cloakshadow, and his fight against the vampire, Baron von Strudel), and even gnon-GLA Ploonites will often adopt this practical garb when travelling. Holy symbols of the other gnomish gods are common too, especially that of Garl Glittergold.

Ploon the Fantastic

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