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  • Gnome Liberation Army

    Mighty are the heroes of Garl Glittergold's [[Gnomes|chosen people]]! Sturdy may their noses grow, and shiny may their gems be, maybe.

  • Gnomes

    Gnomes are the only truly sentient and morally valuable creatures in existence. We know this because Garl Glittergold only made Gnomes, and not any other race. …

  • Stormpemhouder

    The forest town of Stormpemhouder, the hub of the [[Spiderhaunt Wood]], is a beacon of true civilisation and virtue in an otherwise dark part of the world. Its noble spiritual leader was viciously killed by marauding undead who may or may not have had a …

  • Moonbase Glittergold

    A series of linked structures of unknown origin, built on the surface of [[Selune]], moon of Faerun. It was occupied by an [[Illithid]] colony, until the [[Gnome Liberation Army]] reassigned the base to themselves and renamed it.

  • Ploon the Fantastic

    (Slayer of Vampires, Brewer of Fire, The Everdying) Demipower of the Forgotten Realms, N Portfolio: Alchemy, Gnomish welfare, Gnomish Orphans, Explosions, Vampire-slaying, Deception Alliases: Ploon Kloovs of Proskur, of the Proskur Kloovses of …

  • Ploon Kloovs

    Ploon Kloovs of the Proskur Kloovses of "Proskur":http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Proskur was raised by a merchant clan, giving him a strong sense of Gnomish community within the big, uncaring world of Humans and other races. Trading with the big …

  • Zook Kloovs

    Elder cousin to [[:ploon-kloovs | Ploon Kloovs]], Zook left home on a personal quest to find the other gnomish communities of Faerun and share the word of Garl Glittergold among them, ultimately hoping to enrich her home of Proskur and make it a better …

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